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We serve a lot of delicious dessert in our store. Come over and discover the newest flavours. 

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The most delicious desserts

Freshly made for you

Premium Milkshakes

from €4,95

Premium quality milkshakes styled by our dessert artists to give you the perfect blend of taste, bite and richness. All shakes are generously topped with whipped cream, toppings and laced with luxury sauces. Whether you are looking for something chocolaty, fruity or biscuity, Indulge in our famous selection of shakes and find your perfect fix!

American Waffles

from €7,50

Freshly baked American waffles! These waffles are fluffy yet crunchy, a real treat for yourself or to share.

Expertly topped with your favourite chocolate bars or fruit options. Finished off with complimentary toppings and a drizzle of sauce.

Special Sundaes

from €8,50

Amazing sundaes with delicious scoops of 100% pure ´Belgian Creme de la creme´ ice cream. Filled with scrumptious candy, fruit or biscuit.

It comes with our quality vanilla soft serve ice cream topped with whipped cream, biscuit wafer, toppings and sauces.

Premium Cakes

from €4,50

 Various premium quality luxury cake slices are available in store. Also available to order for birthday party, business event or just because you love it so much! Cheesecakes, Red Velvets ,Chocolate Cakes and other numerous mouthwatering flavours can be found. Browse through our selection and explore the tastiest treats around.

Mini Sundaes

from €2.95

Looking for something small but just as delicious?

Yummy vanilla ice cream topped with a choice from our selection of toppings and sauces both in chocolaty and fruity flavours.

Create your own mini sundaes. The perfect little treat!

Ice Cream

from €4.25

Vanilla soft serve ice cream filled and mixed up with pieces of your favourite chocolate bars and/or fruit choices. Generously topped with toppings and sauces. Get creative and make your own perfect ´Kandy Kup´ full of all the goodies you love.

(Please make your selection with one of our dessert artist.)


from €9

Warm American pancakes. Various dreamy recipes put together by Kandy Krush dessert artists giving you the best experience of the yummiest taste combinations possible.

Stacking your pancakes up whether it be Chocolate pancakes, fruit pancakes or maybe you prefer best of both worlds?

All is possible, adventure on further into our menu and explore more options for your perfect pancake!

Dessert Platter

from €19.95

Cant decide? Want to try a little of everything , well not to worry leave it to us, we got your back!

Choose from our 2 Dessert platter options one chocolate themed and the other sweets themed. Fully loaded with all the best premium desserts in all the populoar flavour combiantions. Artistically put together these platters are perfect for any occasion. Treating each other to the ultimate Kandy Krush experience. Sharing is caring and these delicous platters are enough to go around.

See you soon at Kandy Krush!

Irresistable flavour and unforgettable experience.