The Kandy Krush story

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Introducing to you.......Kandy Krush Dessert Diner! Inspired by all things sweet, colourful and artsy. We specialize in Dessert classics like milkshakes, sundaes, waffles, ice creams and pancakes. Our mission is to bring you all the best DESSERT TRENDS.

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Once upon a time.....

We fell in love with Kandy!

Our concept is based around our first love...candy. We all have at least one memorable experience. Like sharing your favourite chocolate with your grandpa. Due to this childhood born love crush we use all the famous candy from around the world. We use the most popular brands and flavours that people love and crush them into yummy creations.

Kandy Krush is the number one stop boasting the biggest collection of flavours, toppings or sauces. You can also create your own sensations and mix it up so the flavour possibilites are endless. Our desserts are served and prepared freshly in house by our Kandy Krush dessert artists. After years of research and taste testing our team has innovated our new and original menu magazine.

We are dessert enthusiasts who are passionate about food styling. Finding a perfect taste (not too sweet as sugar can be off putting if overdone) to combine with the highest quality was vital to our motivation. Luxury gourmet desserts that every foodie and artist alike could both appreciate. Afterall food must taste as good as it looks. We designed our store with the same vision in mind.

Our American Diner was inspired to be different yet recognizable. Innovation was the key. A mashup of old and new. A retro diner look but with a modern art decor twist. As the beauty of your food is held by your plate, the beauty of your plate is held by the place you eat. In a globalising world Kandy Krush aimed to bring all generations and races of people together by creating a unique, fresh and vibrant social hub.

This is YOUR dessert hotspot. Indulge in premium quality. Whether it's your cheat day, a guilty pleasure, it's hot or cold , try us for an irresistable taste and unforgetable experience.

So, what is your Kandy Krush?

Come visit us and fall in love